Chemical / Petrochemical Industry Solutions

Chemical / Petrochemical

FutureNet Security Solutions™ understand the unique physical security needs of Chemical and Petrochemical processing plants. Our team of security experts can assist with CFATS compliance. Our phased approach has been utilized by many well-known companies within this market.

Commercial Building Solutions


FutureNet Security Solutions™ realize the importance of securing high profile assets such as corporate headquarters and data centers. Working with our partners to provide the most advanced physical security solutions for the market, we base our solutions on understanding the unique needs of each facility.

Department of Defense (DoD) / Military Solutions

Department of Defense (DoD)

FutureNet Security Solutions™ have consistently demonstrated the ability to complete a wide range of installation projects rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. Nearly all of our work for the Department of Defense (DoD) has been won during a competitive bid process, clearly showing a superior value proposition to the government while delivering superior results during successful Performance Verification Testing.

Federal Building Solutions


Numerous agencies have responsibility for federal building security and FutureNet Security Services™ has completed multiple physical security projects with all of them. We completing a wide range of installation projects rapidly and on budget, earning ourselves an impeccable track record with the Government Security Agency (GSA).

Airport / Ports of Entry Industry Solutions

Airport / Ports of Entry

FutureNet Security Solutions™ understand that the security of facilities, infrastructure and strategic assets at airports and the vicinity is an integral part of a total aviation perimeter security model. We have worked with major airports to assess and define the appropriate security model, and have integrated our innovative products into a comprehensive protection plan.


  • 238990 – All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
  • 334119 – Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
  • 485999 – All Other Transit and Group Passenger Transport
  • 488210 – Support Activities for Rail Transportation
  • 488490 – Other Support Activities for Road Transportation
  • 541512 – Computer Systems Design Services
  • 561621 – Security System Services (except Locksmiths)
  • 811219 – Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance