Custom Controls

Custom Controls
TypeAccess Control
Ideal ForAny active vehicle barrier or gate operated system

Controls and Integration

Digital logic controls and barrier control systems are designed and constructed by FutureNet Security Solutions™ engineers at our manufacturing facility, allowing integration of all types of perimeter security systems and access control devices. Each engineering project is executed with the highest level of quality and attention to detail, with a project engineer assigned to ensure that your innovative solution is integrated flawlessly into your facility.

The purpose of the control system is to operate and implement safety features in the system to assure proper sequence of events occur at the specified times.

The components of the barrier control system are designed and engineered by FutureNet Security Solutions™ to be fully integrated and compatible to the barrier control application. These systems and devices are proprietary and confidential information protected by copyright.

Product Overview:

  • State of the art PLC controls
  • Controls any Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) or Gate Operated System (i.e., Drop Arms, Gates, Retractable Bollards, etc…)
  • Easily upgrades existing AVB or other Operating System
  • Can use traditional copper, long range twisted pairs, or fiber optics
  • Wireless options available
  • Touch Screen options available

Touchscreen Controls

custom controls

Touchscreen controls provide graphical monitoring tools used to provide visibility to detailed conveyor status information for system operators and maintenance personnel. These monitoring tools include machine parameters, cycle counts, and fault status.

Microsoft Windows© environment

Based on standard Windows© XPe technologies. No special training or skills are required.

Touch-sensitive screen

High-precision graphics provide excellent readability for instant data comprehension and optimum control of your applications.

More rugged

With its industrially hardened stainless steel frame, the case complies with CSA certification. With no vulnerable components such as fans or disk drives, it is sure to offer greater reliability.

custom controls manufacturing facility

Manufacturing Facility

FutureNet Security Solutions™ technicians are equipped with the training, experience and expertise to complete projects safely, efficiently and on schedule. Whether your project calls for a single barrier installation or a full facility multi-barrier security enhancement, FutureNet Security Solutions™ ensures that your controls are completely tailored to run your project smoothly.

Our quality control experts perform a detailed checklist on each panel before it leaves our facility to ensure its optimum performance when it reaches its destination in the field. Once in the field, a FutureNet Security Solutions™ field engineer will install, test, and certify that the panel is in working condition and ready to operate.

Typical Operator Controls include:

  • Master Operator Control Panel
  • Maintenance Control Panel
  • Guard Booth Control Panel
  • Overwatch Control Panel
  • Pedestal Mounted Controls
  • EFO (Emergency Fast Operate) Controls