Guard Booths

Guard Booths
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TypeAccess Control
Ideal ForMilitary facilities, Government buildings, national laboratories, corporate entrances/exits, airports, borders/checkpoints
Often Used With

Signs and Signals, Active Vehicle Barriers, Canopies

4’ x 8’

  • Houses one security person and is equipped with a standard 20-inch shelf for AVB controls and monitoring displays

6’ x 8’

  • Equipped for one or two security personnel with space for multiple controls and displays

10’ x 10’

  • Sized to function as an electrical shelter or guard booth. Accommodates multiple security personnel with shelving options for multiple controls and displays

10’ x 12’

  • Equipped for multiple security personnel, lavatory options, and multiple display and shelving options are available

Short Lead Times Available

  • FutureNet Security Solutions™ can deliver your booth in as little as six to eight weeks depending on your facility’s needs and the condition of the areas in which the security booth will be placed.

FutureNet Security Solutions™ Turnkey Installations Can Include:

  • Excavation and custom concrete pad foundation
  • Terminating and installing all control and display systems
  • Providing and installing conduit and wiring for connection to power supply
  • Shipment and placement of the security booth


  • Preassembled, designed, and structurally engineered. 14-gauge steel mechanical square tubing framework meets ASTM-A500 standards.
  • Prefabricated as specified by the UFGS Specifications, section 13.34.21.
  • 16-gauge interior panels, fabricated and insulated to a minimum R-12. All joints pressure sealed against any weather intrusion.
  • Top-hung, horizontal sliding doors with an extruded aluminum frame. Doors come with heavy duty hardware, keyed lock and weather stripping.
  • Non-slip flooring for safety. Anti-fatigue mats can be provided upon request.
  • Rust inhibitive high build epoxy primer and urethane finish coat. Custom designs and colors are available.
  • 1500-4400 watt, 110/220 volt HVAC with fan and internal wall mounted thermostat control. Ceiling mounted unit optional. Bullet resistant shroud covering HVAC system available for ballistic rated models.
  • Four 20 amp, 120 volt, GFI duplex wall outlets.
  • Pre-wired electrical power service in accordance with U.L. and NEC standards for quick and easy installation on the project site. 125 amp, 120/240 volt, three wire, single phase, 8-16 circuit breaker panel.


All exterior window frames are hot-rolled formed, angle framed with concealed zinc-plated exterior fasteners and glazed with tinted laminated safety glass to reduce specular transmission.

Walls, ceilings, windows, and doors are manufactured with material that meets or exceeds Bullet Resistant Level I, II, III, or IV as identified by UL Standard 752. This range covers a 9mm handgun up to a .30 caliber rifle.

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