Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Intrusion Detection Systems
TypeElectronic Monitoring and Communication
Ideal ForMilitary facilities, Government buildings, corporate and commercial buildings, national laboraties
Often Used With

High Security Fencing, CCTV

FutureNet Security Solutions™ carries a comprehensive product line that includes a complete range of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). The detection systems are used to prevent, detect and delay intrusion of unauthorized personnel and vehicles into a facility, while enhancing the efficiency of on-site security resources. IDS are mainly composed of sensors, video camera detection, control units, and data communications systems integrated to operate in a specified manner.

FutureNet Security Solutions™ offers high quality PIDS components such as:

• Buried LCX
• Fiber-optic cable
• Microphonic cable
• Infrared LED illuminations
• Bi-static microwave sensors
• Electrostatic field (E-Field)
• Compiles digital video surveillance (CCTV)