License Plate Reader (LPR)

License Plate Reader
TypeElectronic Monitoring
Ideal ForBorders, Government Agencies

The License Plate Reader (LPR) System brings a new dimension of decision-making information for security and traffic management. It uses a unique, patented approach that automatically detects the presence of any vehicle in its field of view, captures an image containing the license plate, locates it and reads the plate number and state of origin. The LPR can read all types of license plates retroreflective, non-retroreflective, embossed, flat, and others, allowing the system to identify vehicles with no plates or with plates that may have become non-retroreflective due to dirt, snow or other factors.

Once the license plate is captured, the LPR processes the information in real time, thus minimizing the transit and wait times. The information gathered from the plates can be linked to databases for background checks and can assist in generating accurate usage statistics and updating existing database records.

FutureNet Security Solutions™ is an authorized distributor of Perceptics License Plate Reader and Under Vehicle Inspection Systems.


  • System automatically detects and reads vehicle license plate number
  • Automatic Extreme Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software
  • Real-time risk assessment
  • 95% full plate and origin accuracy
  • Reads both reflective and non-reflective plates
  • Reads multiple plates and half-height characters
  • State/country identification
  • Fully automated, 24/7 operation
  • Easy integration with customer data
  • Detect and count every vehicle
  • Equipment installed and in continuous operation at over 1,000 lanes
    distributed throughout the world