Overheight Detection and Barrier

Overheight detection and barrier
TypeAccess Control
Ideal ForBridges, Tunnels, Overpasses, Canopies, Parking Structures

Overheight Detection Systems are used to detect oversized vehicles and individually alert drivers of an upcoming overhead obstacle. Vehicles may be restriced to certain areas due to the height of bridges, tunnels, overpasses, canopies, parking structures and other low hanging configurations. The detection system will alert and allow the driver of the vehicle to take action in order to avoid a possible deadly and unwanted collision.

Overheight Detection Systems include an overheight detector, warning signs, and in some applications a height restrictor. The overheight detector can either be radar beams, long hanging tubes and/or chains that create noise when rubbed against the top of the vehicle. The radar detects the oversized vehicle and sends an electronic warning to the LED caution sign. The sign will light up with the appropriate warning and visually alert the driver of the danger ahead.

Some security applications might call for height restrictors. Height restrictors are barriers that restrict oversize vehicles from entering a premises. These barriers may vary in size and weight depending on the application. Please contact FutureNet Security Solutions for more information 1.877.260.4722.

Advantages of the Overheight Detection System:

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Adjustable to fit your specific roadway needs
  • Easily integrated with existing structures
  • Cost effective