Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS)

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TypeElectronic Monitoring
Ideal ForBorders, Government Agencies
Often Used With

Guard Booths, Canopies, Traffic Control Drop Arms

FutureNet Security Solutions™ provides an Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) as part of our electronic monitoring solutions. UVIS provides a safe, rapid and thorough method of examining passenger and commercial vehicles’ undercarraiges. The UVIS includes a user friendly touch-screen interface that makes inspections easier and faster. The entire underside of the vehicle is scanned to provide a complete full-color image that can be magnified up to 12 times. The entire length of the undercarriage can be inspected in a matter of seconds as:

  • Vehicle drives over UVIS imaging unit at up to 10 mph
  • Scene camera captures images of vehicle
  • Images are transferred to workstation in lane booth
  • Guard examines vehicle images and authorizes vehicle entry
  • Database automatically stores event record.


The first of its kind, the innovative “air-blade” system redirects dirt and water from the system before it can reach the imaging head, so the system stands up to a variety of weather and installation conditions. This produces a better image for the inspector and reduces the service and maintenance costs because the imaging window is protected from moisture and moisture brought in by vehicles.


Once a vehicle and driver’s information is entered, the software will automatically populate this information for future visits, saving the user valuable inspection time. With this information, the user can then determine how many times the vehicle has been at their location and can determine if the vehicle is on a “Hit List.” If a vehicle appears on a hit list, the software will then alert the user, provide a reason for the alarm and can email anyone wishing to be notified of the vehicle’s presence. These lists can be imported from external sources such as spreadsheets.



Cat5 network cabling allows unlimited standoff distance for the UVIS operator from the vehicle inspection site, increasing user safety.

FutureNet Security Solutions™ is an authorized distributor of Perceptics License Plate Reader and Under Vehicle Inspection Systems.