Electric Retractable Finger Wedge

Electric Retractable Finger Wedge Barrier
TypeActive Vehicle Barrier
CertificationDOS K-12 and ASTM M50: 15,000lbs @ 50mph

Barrier Details

FutureNet Security Solutions’™ electric wedge barrier is a shallow vault assembly with an anti-skid top surface. All barriers are shipped operational and self contained, and ready for installation.

electric vehicle barrier



  • Certified by the Department of State (DOS) K-12 rating and ASTM M50
  • – K-12 and M50: 15,000 lbs. at 50 mph
  • – K-12 and M50 certification equates to 1,250,000 ft-lbs of energy absorption

Operating System:

  • Electromechanical, self-lubricating actuator, with a spring assembly.

Power Requirements:

  • Motors are available to operate on 120v single phase, 120v/240v single phase or 120v/208v three phase voltage

Cycle Time:

  • Less than 3 seconds deployed and less than 3 seconds retracted with continuous cycling ability
  • Optional actuator programmable down to less than 1.5 seconds

Operating Temperature:

  • Constant operational speeds in temps that range from -30°F to 130°F without the use of heat on the operating system


  • Adaptable to most control systems via dry contacts


  • Minimal maintenance required
  • No specialty or heavy equipment is needed for maintenance

DOS K12; electric Barrier

FutureNet Security Solutions’™ electric wedge has an anti-skid drive surface that flush mounts with the roadway, allowing for unobstructed operation of street sweepers or snowplows. The barriers’ simple controls use a standard dry contact output that can be operated by a keypad, proximity reader, hard wired remote or computer based at an entry control point or command center, ensuring complete barrier control at all times.

Installation is easy and can be completed in just three days, requiring a pit to install the self-contained vault along with concrete poured around the perimeter flush with the existing roadway. In just a few days, it can be fully operational. The wedge barrier can be manually raised or operated with a battery back-up system in the event of a power outage.


Safety Equipment and Options:

  • Each unit equipped with red LED strobe-lights that are visible when deployed
  • Safety loop in front and behind the units
  • Additional loops can be installed to create an automatic exit
  • Signs and traffic signal type lights

Barrier Options:

  • Battery Back-up System: Allows units to operate over 250 cycles in the event of commercial or emergency power failure
  • Heat Grid System: In cold climates, where temperatures can reach freezing, a heat grid is installed in the bottom of the vault allowing snow and ice to be melted and discharged from the vault via the internal sump pump.
  • Controls: Simple dry contacts I/O allow easy integration of existing of owner/user provided controls including multiple control points, key code, remote control, proximity reader, radar, etc.
  • Touch Screen Panel Operator Controls: The standard console has a touch screen with controls for “Open,” “Close,” and “Stop” for each barrier. Configurations with more than one barrier shall have an “All Up” control button for emergency situations requiring “Final,” “Denial,” or the optional “EFO” function. Barrier position indicator lights are provided.