The SW1900 wedge barrier has been designed to deliver the same quality and reliability that hundreds of military installations, data centers, refineries, government agencies, and major corporate facilities have come to Expect from the company’s net-based GRAB® systems.

Product Description

FutureNet Security Solutions has designed an innovative wedge barrier that eliminates many of the challenges experienced during the procurement, installation, use, and maintenance of traditional systems.
Available either in Hydraulic or Electro-Mechanical models that utilize the same as-tested barrier structure, the SW1900 wedge provides ASTM M50 P1 rated protection suitable for a wide variety of facilities such as embassies, military installations, corporate headquarters, data centers, and Federal Government agencies. Innovative noise dampening technology has been incorporated into the barrier design, making the SW1900 well-suited for installations located near businesses or other properties that are sensitive to noise levels.
Following independent 3rd party testing, the test vehicle’s crash-test wreckage was removed, and the SW1900 was immediately cycled multiple times under its own power – requiring no replacement hoses or fittings, and demonstrating no hydraulic leaks or damage to operating components Test vehicles were also driven over the barrier following the conclusion of the test, demonstrating that the SW1900 could withstand an impact and remain functional.
FutureNet has designed the SW1900 with removable access panels on the top of the wedge plate which allow all operating components to be serviced or replaced without raising the barrier. To make installation as fast and cost effective as possible, the shallow (18” foundation) mount barrier is shipped in one piece, requires no concrete inside the vault, and has pre-plumbed drains and control pathways that ensure that there is no interference with rebar placement.


Type Active Vehicle Barrier with Noise Dampening Technology
Certification ASTM M50 P1- 15,000lbs @ 50mph
Ideal For Embassies, military installations, corporate headquarters, data centers, and Federal Government agencies
  • Certified to ASTM M50 P1 standards (9 foot width)
  • Electro-mechanical or hydraulic actuation with identical certified barrier structure
  • Noise dampening technology
  • 18-inch shallow mount foundation
  • Available in 8 to15-foot widths
  • One day installation, ready to install as shipped
  • No concrete required inside barrier
  • Access panels that allow service and component replacement without raising the barrier
  • Pre-plumbed drains and control pathways designed not to interfere with rebar placement
  • NEMA rated control enclosures
  • Standard feature with all models EFO capability (deploys in less than 2 seconds)