SW1200 Post & Cable Barrier

SW1200 M50 Post & Cable Barrier

The SW1200 M50 Post & Cable Passive Barrier System provides a cost-effective, flexible solution for large areas which require crash rated or engineered anti-ram protection. Faster and less expensive to provide and install than fixed bollards, boulders, reinforced walls, and alternative post & cable systems, the SW1200 is an ideal solution for perimeter protection along roadways, entry corridors, or to protect critical infrastructure.

Bollard Solutions Passive Barriers

Bollard Solutions

Crash Rated, Decorative, and Removable Bollards are available in a variety of configurations to suit client needs. We provide support along the entire planning cycle for those clients considering bollards for pedestrian, traffic, and access control. Bollards are a great solution for controlling traffic flow and vehicular access, or simply enhancing perimeter security.

Decorative Jersey Barriers Passive Barriers

Decorative Jersey Barriers

Decorative Jersey Barriers are pre-cast concrete traffic barriers combining maximum protection and aesthetics. Various styles are available to upgrade curb appeal or the style can be matched to existing architectural themes. Concrete Barriers carry ASTM C31, C33, and C150 certifications.

High Security Fencing Passive Barriers

High Security Fencing

High Security Fencing has become a necessity to meet today’s increased security demands. The resistive strength of heavy-duty steel spears secured vertically to a framework of I-beam posts provides the necessary strength and security for a first line of defense. High Security Fencing delays aggressive attacks while providing seamless integration with additional security products.

Post & Cable Passive Barriers

Post & Cable

Post and Cable barrier systems prevent threat vehicles from exiting the Access Control Point response zone and avoiding the controlled entry to the installation. Post and Cable barriers provide a cost-effective solution due in part to the ease of installation, and they carry the Federal Highway Administration TL3 and TL4 crash certifications.