Decorative Bollards

TypeDecorative Passive Barrier
Ideal ForCommercial buildings, corporate buildings, government buildings

Concrete Bollard Overview

Concrete bollards are a multi-faceted solution for building sites where security, design, and traffic control are equally important. This bollard solution is flexible enough to fit into virtually any architectural design theme. FutureNet Security Solutions™ assists clients with identifying that unique bollard design to fit their criteria and from there we are able to perform the installation accordingly.

As you can see, this gallery showcases the design fluidity pre-cast concrete bollards have to offer.

shape your bollards

Shape your Bollards

Pre-cast concrete bollards offer the client many shapes, customized if desired, to fulfill both the safety requirements and aesthetic needs of our clients. Choose from an assortment of shapes – from round to square and even spherical, whimsical, classical and many other bold bollard styles.

color bollards

Color your Bollards

FutureNet Security Solutions’ clients may choose among a variety of colors to further customize the aesthetic nature of protective bollards. Available colors include: Gray, French Gray, Sand, Buff, Cream, Brown, Charcoal, Brick Red, and Soulard Green.

light bollards

Light your Bollards

Lighting within bollards provides a higher level of visibility to drivers at night, offers pedestrians lighted pathways, and enhances the overall architectural appeal of the area in which the bollards are placed.

signage bollards

Integrate signage on your Bollards

Customers may choose to enhance protective bollards with company logos, monograms, or other custom figures or design within the bollard itself. This further enhances the visual appeal of the bollards, the location, and defines the client’s sense of personal attention to aesthetics.